About Orus Jewelry

Under the sign of trend and French elegance, home OrusBijoux invites you to discover their collections for women and men.

All our creations are in “925” silver set in the pure jewelry tradition.

OrusBijoux is a family house born from a love story, that of Sylvie and Jérôme Attias, partners in life and in work where everyone brings their talent and sensitivity.

With a modern, elegant image that meets the demand of an increasingly demanding clientele, the couple's common passion allows them to create and imagine new collections each season, each time different from each other.

The originality of the OrusBijoux house has seduced personalities from many worlds such as the singer Hélène Ségara, the heiress Paris Hilton and many others...

Strong in its spirit, the brand has been able to export itself beyond the French borders, its country of origin, to win over an international clientele. It is through their very varied creations that these designers allow everyone to identify, express themselves and recognize themselves.