Women's collection

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Orusbijoux offers an important collection for women resulting from the will of a couple of creators to be able to meet an ever more demanding demand from our loyal customers; we have created 5 different style lines so that each of our customers can wear our Jewelry with pride and elegance. Indeed, elegance goes throughoriginality, comfort, sumptuousness and all the know-how put at the service of our customers. You will find in our brand a set of exclusive models, lines each have a well-defined orientation; Riviera is the line of a thousand lights and evening models. This collection will offer you designs from the fine jewelry. Line spiral whose particularity is its effect diamond, its impressive volume and the lightness of its movements will bring very graphic and geometric shapes to your finery. If color is required for one outfit or another, then orusbijoux.fr offers you Colors adorned with colored glass crystal or natural gemstones, our bracelet necklaces, rings and earrings will have a definite effect on your colorful outfits. Bohème & Rebelle is a bit chic, a little bit of rock at the same time, rings large volume with slightly offbeat religious necklaces, this line is anything but conventional. Finally Tattoo, not tattooed but serrated, her earrings, collars et bracelets are laser cut according to a very precise technique, we offer in this line a finish with different colors, doré, rose, black and silver . Laser cutting brings lightness, finesse, resistance, and a thin layer of Glitter “stardust” that will leave a glitter incredible on these models will bring a touch of chic.