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Come and discover the universe of the ring from OrusBijoux!The silver rings of the OrusBijoux brand were made in our workshop in agreement with the expectations of our female clientele and for their greater fun.

Besides, all those which are revealed in our lines Spiral, Seven, Natural stones or, Riviera, have their clean personality et style. All originals offered by the line Natural stones have been made to perfect your days, their give color and to complement your outfits. This line is based on the notebook trends du prêt-à-porter.

As regards the spiral rings, they are timeless and geometric. They celebrate and bring out all the creativity of diamond effects, what to leave you speechless.

As for the models of the line Riviera, they are more suitable for looks chic or for styles relaxed. This line shows all the technicality of the traditional jewelry. His exceptional rings will be your companions during the evenings and her travel rings will will accompany around the world.