Depending on its shape and length, the earring gives the woman's face a different look. This is an symbolic jewel which used to be worn by women of different ethnicities or different tribes, from distant countries. Today, earrings are Jewelry of face acclaimed by all women. You will find in our e-shop all styles de earrings. There are some who are elongated, others are square, more besides are rounded, while more complex shapes are given by loops related. Here again, the lines reflect different images, with a clear desire to accentuate your style. Between the Rock models, chic or conventional, you will have the choice on Un large choice of earrings in 925 silver awaits you there. Let's start with the line Colors which will bring a special touch to your face thanks to the color melting pot that characterizes it. The Tattoo line is composed of cut earrings laser. It looked like a silver lace whose chic brings a touch oforiginality and voluptuousness to your style. The ranges of Riviera earrings have been chosen for their perfect sparkling side for evenings or bright days. However, they will not equal the line loops Spiral which are differentiated by their lightness and their diamond ornament that return a 3D effect. In addition, their shapes geometrical sometimes curious, but completely creative will satisfy customers demanding.