Silver hoop earrings tubes small golden model diameter 25mm


Discover our news Creole three rings in money gold diamond and smooth small model for an incredible shine. This exceptional shape will give women looking for originality through a model so popular as the Creole complete satisfaction.

Do not hesitate to treat yourself or to offer these beautiful pendants to those you love.

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Silver hoop earrings with golden tubes to enhance your look

Discover our Spirale collection of silver tube hoop earrings, an essential fashion accessory to add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Made of 925/1000 silver, these earrings are of high quality and resistant to wear. Their golden color brings a touch of glamor and sophistication to your style. With a diameter of 25mm, these earrings are the perfect small model for those looking for a discreet but nevertheless refined piece of jewelry.

A timeless and versatile piece of jewelry for all occasions

These small gold-tone silver tube hoop earrings are an ideal choice for all occasions. Whether for a chic evening, a professional meeting or an outing with friends, they adapt to all styles and subtly enhance your face. Their spiral design brings a touch of originality and modernity to your look. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, they are perfect for everyday use. Treat yourself to these timeless and versatile earrings that will perfectly complement your jewelry collection.

Silver hoop earrings with golden tubes to shine with a thousand lights

With these silver hoop earrings, small gold model, you will not go unnoticed. Their bright golden color attracts all eyes and adds a touch of luminosity to your face. Whether you wear them with a casual or more formal outfit, they bring a note of sophistication and glamor to your style. Treat yourself to these silver hoop earrings with golden tubes and shine brightly on your next special occasions.

  • silver earrings
  • tube hoops
  • small model
  • doré
  • diameter 25mm
  • Weight 3,6 g
    Length 2,5x0,3x2,5 cm


    Metal color



    925/1000 silver